DuLayne Transitions

Meet the DuLayne Transitions Team 


Michelle & Sarah H.

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How we make shopping at our sales easier for our customers?

  • You are always greeted by Tom when you walk into our sales
  • We provide blue shopping baskets near the entrance to use while you shop (no they are not for sale!)
  • We use signage to warn you of stairways up or down as well as marking tape on stair treads or landings
  • We generally have one way in and one way out.
  • Our checkouts are usually in the living room
  • We ask that you use the lowest denomination bill when paying cash
  • We use Square Credit Card magnetic swipers and chip card readers - all for purchases $20 and over. 
  • Our client pays the credit card fees - you will not be charged
  • We require that you bring strong help when purchasing and removing large or heavy items
  • We give out our numbers 1/2 hour before sale begins on anticipated busy start days.  We DO NOT accept "Street" numbers to be fair to all
  • Pricing and availability are NOT provided on the phone, text or email
  • We do not reduce pricing on the first and second days. If a sale is discounted per our contract, it will be on the Sunday sale at 50%.
  • Remember, the proceeds are for the family who may be needing to pay estate expenses or nursing home expenses.  Please be reasonable.

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Sarah A. and Chelsea

Emily - photo coming

Tom and Michelle
Omer - photo coming



Tom, Joe,
Michelle and Sarah

Not photographed:  Other behind the scenes workers that help us out depending on the geographic location of the sales:  Mat, Sage and Tim