DuLayne Transitions

 How does our business run 

When a family calls us or reaches out to us at a sale, we know they are either thinking of a future event or have a current circumstance that may require the services of an estate sale company.  Be it a widowed mother that is beginning to show the signs that an assisted living residence is likely in her future, or a saddened daughter who recently lost her mother, or even an elderly couple that needs to downsize from their four bedroom colonial in Livonia to a small condominium in Farmington. 

We want to listen.  We want to help.  We have the solution!

While at a sale might not be a perfect time to discuss your needs, we definately can show you how nicely we set up our sales.  We provide our own shelving units, tables, signs, clothing and shoe racks, shopping baskets, DuLayne embroidered table cloths . . . everything that is needed to host a wonderful sale.  See our Home page to see when we are hosting the next sale and perhaps drop in and let us know you are just checking us out!  If you like what you see, take a business card from the checkout desk or ask for one.  Give Joe at call at (734) 502 6093 to discuss your situation and get answers to costs, schedules and anything you have on your mind. 

We want to listen.  We want to help.  We have the solution!

How we do, what we do

First, we schedule a convenient time and day that works for you and for anyone else you would like to attend our free consultation.    If you would like, we can email you a blank copy of our contract for your perusal so that we can answer any questions at the consultation.

During the consultation, you can take us through on a tour of the home, basement, garage and sheds.  We will determine if there are enough items to warrant a sale.  Once we establish that, we tell you how we would set up the sale and answer questions and address concerns.  If you have any special situations, bring them up and we can answer as best as possible or make recommendations on addressing those issues.  At that time,  you can either ask for 'time to think about it' or proceed with a sale date and contract signing.  Once a contract is signed and a date confirmed, we can begin advertising, which is best set up as far in advance as possible.  At the time of contract signing, we should receive a set of keys to the residence, garage door opener (if appropriate), alarm system codes.  We would also like to know who also has keys so that we aren't surprised some evening by someone coming in unannounced. 

If you have a realtor, we suggest that we get their business card or at least name and phone number.  This way we can work with them for showings and to have some multi list sheets during the sale - remember, the sale is a great 'open house' opportunity for anyone interested in purchasing the home.  We will be glad to pass on any information gleaned during the sale.

We then begin working on the residence, discovering everything in drawers, cabinets and other places.  We clean dishes, wash laundry and organize everything on shelves and tables.  Once completed we ensure 100 photos are posted online.  We complete pricing of all items, set up the sales  team and then . . . hold your sale!  Within 5 days after the sale we have an accounting package and a check for the sale.  If you need donation of the remaining items, we can help with that also by boxing and, if needed, taken to the charity of your choice.  And that's about it! 

We want to listen.  We want to help.  We have the solution!

Contact us at (734) 502 6093 or email Joe at jcmwestland@yahoo.com.
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