DuLayne Transitions

Many of our clients have questions when they first call us for information.  We would like to share those questions and the answers with you here.

How long before the sale must we get a contract signed?
We recommend as much time as possible but a minimum of one month, providing our calendar has availability.  Once a contract is signed and a sale date established, we can begin our work.  We offer a free consultation, however, that does not guarantee a spot on our sale calendar.  Until we have a signed contract, we cannot guarantee a specific sale date - and sometimes clients are disappointed that they did not sign a contract in time.  We hate it when this happens but you surely can understand that we cannot "pencil" in a sale to only loose another client.

When will you begin working?
Once we have a signed contract, we can schedule our staff to begin immediately or on a date that is mutually agreeable.  We want to  provide sufficient time for you to prepare and for us to do our discovery, staging, pricing and hold the sale.

Can we take anything you find that we didn't know about?
Hopefully you have gone through the home already and chosen those items to keep.  If we find a couple smaller items that you decide you would like, bring it up with us.  We usually don't have a problem with a limited number of items of smaller value.  What gets difficult it when a client wants to remove many items not divulged before contract signing, that we base our fee structure and staffing on. 

When do you need keys to the home?
Once the home is vacated, meaning no one is living in the home, we would like the keys.  Most clients provide the keys and alarm codes the day of contract signing.  If they have not yet relocated yet, you can call us when we can begin working.

Can we still be living in the house while you get ready for the sale?
We have changed our policy on this issue and the answer is No.  We have encountered a number of problems with our working schedules that conflicted with client's calendar of events.  Therefore, in 2017 our policy is not to work on homes when someone is living in it.

How much does it cost to use your company?
We can speak in general terms here, but would need to view the home, the contents visible and possibly hidden, the condition of the interior of the home and presentability of the items for sale.  There are a couple components to "cost" that we follow.  We do not charge a base amount of $X that we must make in profit; we do not charge for individually doing cleaning, set up, or pricing.  Some companies do charge for those services.  With DuLayne, it is included in our commission.

First, Commission.  We generally allot 60 worker hours to setting up a home; for that our fee is 35% of the total sales taken in at the sale.  If we believe that it will take more than 60 hours, then we would need to agree upon a higher rate or ask that you have some cleaning or organizing before we begin. 

Second, Marketing.  We charge a $75 fee for marketing your sale.  That includes us taking photos, writing narrative and arranging for the material to be published.  We use estatesales.net to place the main ad on along with up to 100 photos.  Additionally, we place the announcement on our website, dulaynetransitions.com, our FaceBook page:  DuLayne Transitions as well as many FaceBook "group" pages.  On rare occasions we place an ad it a local paper but that adds to the cost - that you would approve prior to our advertising.

Third, Bank Fees.  To encourage customer purchasing with plastic cards, i.e. debit and credit, we request that you have deducted from your final proceeds, a fee of 2.75% of credit transactions. 

Fourth, Removal Services.  If we need to contact a disposal company, you would need to either pay for that (with your approval) or have the amount deducted from your proceeds.

Fifth, Boxing and Donation.  It is your decision that at the end of the sale, the remaining items that are accepted for donation by local charities, to have us do the box and donate for you, we have a fee.  You may choose to do that yourself with assistance from family.  If DuLayne does the boxing and donation, we charge a minimum fee of $150 for 3 hours which includes boxing, transporting the items.  If we need to wait for a charity to come to the home to pick up the items, we charge for the time it takes them to remove items.  After the 3 hours and $150 charge, you would need to also pay $50 per man hour in excess of the 3 hours.  This only happens on very rare occurrences - perhaps 1 out of 20 clients pay in excess of the standard $150.

How long is it before we receive a check for the proceeds?
We use Square for accepting debit and credit card payments for the amount of the purchase (no cash back option); money is usually deposited in our account net of fees, within 2 days of the sale ending.  Sometimes it is the next day but we would like to allow a little bit of settling time.  Since we provide you with an accounting package, we need time to assemble that and complete our accounting work.  All said, usually within a 5-7 business day time period. 

Arrangements can be made ahead of time to send you the check, accounting package and keys via Priority Mail if necessary.

We are going to recarpet and paint.  When should we do this?
If circumstances allow, we would recommend after the sale.  If, however, that can't be the case, we can put down carpet protection materials that movers use to limit traffic wear on the high traffic walk areas of the home.  There is a fee for the materials that we purchase and the time to lay it down.  That can be discussed at our free consultation.

We have already had and accepted an offer on the home.  Closing is in three weeks, when can you do a sale?
In order for marketing services to work, we recommend a minimum of 3 or more weeks for advertising to be "out there".  If our calendar allows for preparing your sale simultaneously with another sale, there may be a problem.  Our company is a 10 employee part time company.  It is difficult to manage short time frames, as we want to provide you with the best services and set up that will lead you to a more profitable sale.  Some companies have full time employees and they be able to manage short time frame sales.

We are thinking of putting the house up for sale in April.  When could you schedule a sale and begin working?
Depending upon your move out date we can come up with a calendar that enables you to finish packing and relocate, and for us to do what we do.  If our calendar provides, we could begin working in May and have a sale at the end of the month or after.  We would recommend that your realtor take advertising photos before you begin packing and before we begin working.

If we have not sold the house before the sale, will it be acceptable for the realtor to show the house?
Usually, we manage setup of the home in a somewhat acceptable appearance for the home to be sold.  Remember the customer isn't buying your contents, but the structure.  We would like to know if showing are going to occur so that we are not taken aback by people entering the home unannounced.  During the sale itself, we request that no showings take place as it may be quite busy with people.  BUT, remember one of the customers at the sale may be the new buyer - and they are scoping out the house in advance.  OR, they may have a friend or relative that might be interested.  Kind of a free style Open House!

What can't we sell at the sale?
We do not sell alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine or liquor.  We do not sell expired food or anything expired.  Anything chipped, cracked, stained or broken is removed to trash prior to sale.  Tube televisions are offered but cannot be donated.  Building materials such as lumber, glass, concrete, chemicals, biohazzard items, needles, prescription medications.  If there is anything in the home that cannot be sold, we will advise you. 

What about all this stuff that can't be sold?  What do we do with it?
Many items can be donated.  However, charities no longer accept put together yourself furniture like Sauder, etc.  Not accepted are paints, chemicals, liquids, food, soiled mattresses or anything you wouldn't buy, tube televisions, bowling balls, fertilizers, building supplies.  There's probably more!

We have some supposedly valuable items in the house.  Are you familiar with these type items and how much to ask for them?
We have done a lot of research in the past and know sellability and value of many items.  An item may be listed on eBay for $200 but the sold prices may have been from $20 to $120.  Asking prices don't mean selling prices online.  We have a variety of sources if we come across items we've never seen or are better off being sold to auction houses or taken to auction. 

What happens after the sale with anything that remains?
You still own everything that remains.  You can do anything you would like including trashing or donating.  We offer a box and donate service.  For three hours of this type service, we charge $150.  Over that we charge $50 per hour documented.  These fees would be deducted from final proceeds, 

Do we have to be present at the sale?
No you do  not.  In fact, we strongly recommend that you not attend because we sometimes hear inappropriate comments about the house, the decor or items in the home.  You also may not like someone who has come to the sale.  So it's best to find some other activity for the weekend.