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DuLayne Transitions, LLC is located in Redford, Michigan, half way between Detroit and Ann Arbor.  We service clients from Westland, Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Livonia, Redford, Farmington, Farmington Hills, Trenton, Allen Park, Lincoln Park, Grosse Isle, Wyandotte, Garden City, Plymouth, Novi, Northville, Canton, Westland and other local cities.

We are publically insured with Liberty Mutual through Catholic Vantage Financial Credit Union (eff 2/1/18) and carry $1 million public liability insurance.

We have experience in working within the legal requirements of official estates and under provisions of binding wills and trusts.  We work for executors of estates, as well as families or friends of living or deceased individuals.  DuLayne's biggest asset is our compassion.  Our team has felt the sadness of losing our own family members and we treat you as we would want to be treated during these sometims difficult times.  We maintain a respectful and trustworthy partnership with you, our client.

We will meet with you with no obligation.  If you would rather contract with another company with whom you feel more comfortable, we strongly suggest that.  You must be comfortable with whom you are working because these are important and long-lasting decisions.  If you decide that you would like to pursue an estate or transition sale with us, we can discuss those details with you.  Our clients have commented on how sympathetic we have been in managing a difficult task; we pride ourselves in offering compassionate services which go far beyond what other companies attempt to do.

Unlike other companies, DuLayne Transitions does not have a brick and mortar resale store.  That is why we strive to ensure proper and fair pricing so that little remains after your sale.  Some companies may offer a buy out for highly priced items that do not sell.  We cannot do that, so we want to sell everything for you onsite during your sale.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss ways in which we may be able to help you!  While we respect the privacy of our clients, we do have references which they have provided permission.

Comments from our clients point to our compassion and understanding and how we are so willing to work together - showing how DuLayne provides an excellent service to our clientele.

Testimonials and References

We take pride in delivering world-class and compassionate service to all of our clients.  Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about us!

"Months after the passing of my Father this last February, my mother had decided she could no longer manage or maintain the home or family possessions.  Figuring out what to do with it all though . . . that was extremely overwhelming to say the least - sell it ourselves? I live 5 hours away, have a wife, 4 kids, and run my own business.  My mom is physically and emotionally unable to do anything of the sort.  So what's next - auction company, estate sale company? 

Well in our case, estate sale company seemed best.  So I started making calls, got the referral for DuLayne Transitions from a reputable source and gave them a call.  Tom was very personable, and respectful on the phone, and we set up an appointment.  At the appointment both Tom and Joe were very friendly, respectful and knowledgeable.  They explained the entire process start to finish, but most of all conveyed a feeling of confidence and love for what they do.  We had a couple of other companies out as well, although they were all professional and friendly, none exhibited the love for what they were doing like Tom and Joe.

Well, we decided to go on that and am I ever glad we did!  Tom and Joe exceeded all of our expectations in every way!  It was like having family handle your most important affairs, with professionalism and respect.  They went through the entire house and garage, sorted, cateforized, displayed and priced everything.   If something of personal value to us was found, they carefully put it aside for us.  It was amazing to see what they did with the place.  Everything was displayed artfully and respectfully.  The place was "Standing Tall" as they say - it was very satisfying to see. 

They advertised like we NEVER could have and had an extremely successful sale like we NEVER could have.  After the sale we hired them to clean the home and carpets leaving it in tip top shape.  On top of all that Tom was personally involved in the selling of my mom's car and even delivered the vehicle to the buyers!  On top of all that there were a fews small issues with the home that came to light as they were prepping for the sale.  They dealt with and fixed those issues with no extra charge!  They kept me very up to date as well with frequents texts. 

Well, I really can't say enough good things,.  It means a lot when you're going through the loss of a loved one and someone is out there like these guys.  I own my own business and deal with a lot of people and companies.  If all the companies I dealt with were as good as what they do, like DuLayne, life would be so easy!  I would probably would have a full head of hair!  These guys were great!
Thnks again!

Five out of five starts without a doubl!!"

August 6, 2013  Aaron Byrnes, Traverse City Michigan - estate sale held in Wayne, Michigan.
Debbie Smith Henderson posted on our FaceBook page on
November 3, 2015:

"If you're looking for a company to handle your estate or that of a loved one this is the company you want to handle it.  They are honest, fair, and such kind and caring people.  We just used them for my mom's house and I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation.  Very professional company as well."
And we get text messages from our clients:

Patra texted us the evening before her father's estate sale:

"To all of DuLayne Transitions on the eve of the big sale.  I want to say THANK YOU for all your hard work.  The professional and respectful way you have handled everything is first class. 

My dad saw the pics online and after shedding a tear, he commented on how proud my mom would have been to see the setup.  It all looks great.  Thank you so  much. 
Good luck tomorrow!" 

February 12, 2015

A comment from our client in March 2016, who had gone to another estate sale a few streets over. 

"There wasn't anyone on the street there!  We thought maybe it's not a good day to have a sale.  But then we drove onto our street and it was lined up on both sides with cars everywhere!"
We cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us! What the both of you have done for us has EXCEEDED our expectations and because of your amazing services we are able to move to Arizona Worry Free!  Because of your professionalism and advice this transition has been easier than we ever imagined!! You will forever be a part of our family!! We would recommend you in a heartbeat to anyone we know who needs your type of services.  We have really enjoyed having you in our home the past few weeks with all the conversations and laughs!  Thank you for being part of our journey!  That you for getting rid of the old so we can start New and Fresh!  We will be forever grateful! 
Love - Scott, Raquel, Peanut and Moxie
July 17, 2016 Lathrup Village Michigan
My wife and I used DuLayne Transitions for recent office sale and home estate sale.  The short assessment is . . . ***** (5 star +)!!
They are very well organized, and handle everything soup to nuts.  They advertised the sales creating a big response with many shoppers for both sales.

At the completion of the sales, they cleared everything that remained and submitted for donations.  They supplied us with a very detailed summary of what was sold and the price and had it prepared within a few days of the closed of the sale.

In short, we highly recommend theses guys for your sales.
Dr. and Mrs.  R. L,
July, 2018  (Trenton and Grosse Ile)